Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Lizard (21st May)

 I was helping a friend and his brother with moving some stuff down to the Lizard for an outdoor course on Wednesday.  Beginning at the fields below Argal Res, we spent most of the day filling the trailer whilst listening to 2 Garden Warblers singing from the hedgerows (still a year tick for me).

Once at Kestle Barton, on the north end of the Lizard, we started unloading all the branches, tools and tarpaulin from the trailer.  It was at this point that I picked out a small dot above the horizon circling ever closer towards us.  My bins were on the back seat of the car so grabbed them quickly.  I was still bewildered as to what it could be but on circling even closer the obvious tail prong, primary flash and typical skua shape revealed it to be no less than an adult pale phase Arctic Skua!! What was most bizarre was the fact it was a good 3km from the sea and crossing a random bit of farmland in the sweltering heat!

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