Friday, 20 June 2014

Falmouth Farmland (15th June)

Whilst checking the moth traps up at Dan's fields, I was lucky enough to encounter the local Barn Owl as it headed back to it's box.  3 Ravens were also about and the usual 2 Garden Warblers continued singing from the hedgerows.  Also life ticked Azure Damselfly!

 Azure Damselfly

I spent the rest of the day sat in the train on my way back home to Herts.  The short section of the railway track running past Dawlish Warren is definitely one of my favorite parts of the journey as it's the most scenic with good views over the sea.  I was totally surprised however, when I saw 2 dolphins leap clean out of the water whilst I was speeding along in the train!  Judging on their size, I would opt towards Bottlenose but the views were all too brief to be certain.

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