Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ross's tick!! (30th May)

Back on the bike and an early start for the Ross's up in Devon.  Despite getting the earliest train possible I only arrived in Exeter at 11:40am!  This was then followed by a tense cycle ride eventually arriving on site shortly after midday and the bird's departure, sigh...

I got pointed in the direction it had flown so decided to cycle down the perimeter cycle path towards the military training area.  Together with one other bloke we invested a considerable amount of effort trying to locate it on the extensive mudflats.  It was a near hopeless task but despite the gruelling effort there was no way I was going to give up and dip!  A Whimbrel, 1 Mediterranean Gull and the 1st sum Little Gull were partial consolation as was my first Small Copper of the year.

The agonising wait was punctuated by a distant white-winged tern sp., very possibly one of the Roseates that've been kicking about the area.  As the tide finally began to turn, I headed back towards the military training area where I hoped it would pass by on its way back to the reserve.  I was running out of time fast, as the last train of the day wasn't going to wait for me.  Then BOOM!!!  There it was, the ROSS'S GULL!!  Sat calmly on the mud exactly where I had hoped it would arrive.  Almost as soon as I got on it, it flew towards me where it proceeded to wander around on the mud before flying down towards the reserve yet again!  I was so exhilarated after bagging it that I stayed a little longer cycling down to the marsh and located it on the mudflat just beyond the seawall shortly before it's traditional to the marsh at high tide.

Ross's Gull!!

...causing all the fuss

Barnacle Goose on Bowling Green Marsh, probably not gen

...and the Little Gull

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