Friday, 27 June 2014

Kings Langley Patching (20th-26th June)

I've been keeping a close eye on my Herts patch recently, visiting the fields behind the KL School and Barnes Lane about three times a day (mostly thanks to dog walks).  Red Kites have been even more evident than usual with a total of 7 circling over one single field and 3 landing on the KL School playing field on one visit alone.  Pied Wagtails have had a rather successful year with fledglings littering the short grassy playing field.  A juvenile Mistle Thrush on the same field also confirmed breeding and I located an active Green Woodpecker nest in Kings Langley Common Wood.

Green Woodpecker chick

Down at the canal I found a fledgling Grey Wagtail being attended closely by at least one parent bird and Moorhen chicks certainly aren't in short supply.  The local Mute Swan pair now have 3 fast growing cygnets and the long-staying Cetti's Warbler is still bursting into song every 10-15mins at the canal section opposite the Kings Langley Fishery.  I haven't seen any local Kingfishers in the past two visits so I assume they are breeding or have set up territory just outside patch limits, seems I'll have to venture a little further in future.  Other highlights from the 26th June included a flyover Peregrine heading northwards along the canal towards Hemel Hempstead for its evening roost, 2 Lapwing in the mown field near Hunton Bridge and a third heading south along the canal.  Foxes have been making regular appearances and I've scarcely gone a day without seeing them.  However, the mammal highlight goes to a stunning Badger which I saw on my walk back home through the farmland being the RSSKL as one trotted across the path directly in front of me (this represents my first ever patch record of one)!

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