Friday, 27 June 2014

Chobham Churring (26th June)

Had a great evening visit to Chobham Common with Sh4rpy, Paul and Ephraim for our annual Nightjars.  The discussion of pessimism vs optimism was a hot topic for debate in the car journey there as the fact it was raining certainly decreased our chances of seeing or even hearing our target species.  Optimism won and we arrived on site just as the rain eased up.  It was only a short time after arriving (c.8:15) that we saw our first Woodcock working its way around its territory squeaking as it went.  At least four or five more followed before the churring started.


Ephraim soon picked out our first Nightjar of the evening, perched in a silver birch, before we obtained better and better views of at least a further four birds as the night progressed, finishing on a grand finale with a male encircling us at close range!  The night ended on another high with 2 Glowworms shining from the side of the path on our walk back to the car.  Yet another enjoyable evening with thanks to Sh4rpy for the driving.

 female Nightjar

 ...and the male

Chobham Common

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