Saturday, 29 June 2013

Painted Lady Patch First! (29th June)

Another patch day walking Theo.  I've been visiting the farmland around the Berrybushes Wood and Langley Lodge area quite regularly now as it's generally more productive than the arable farmland behind the RSSKL.  The highlight by far was a butterfly first for the patch, a stunning PAINTED LADY which I stumble across on the path!  Unfortunately, I couldn't appreciate it as long as I would have liked as a herd of cows were getting a bit close and given that I had Theo it was best to leave them in peace.

Painted Lady

At least 7 Yellowhammers were also dotted around the area and on my return to Langley Lodge a flock of 15 Lapwing flew in.  Unfortunately they landed directly in the middle of the footpath so I had to make a large detour around the neighbouring field to avoid flushing them.  However, despite my efforts they still saw me and sadly flew off west.

Lapwing flock over Langley Lodge

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