Wednesday, 3 July 2013

No More than the Melody of a Melodious (30th June)

A twitch with Sh4rpy and Paul to Nottinghamshire for the Melodious Warbler which had been showing for the past week or so.  With very few birds of equal or greater scarcity status we had little choice but to twitch this overshot migrant from the continent.  Rather unfortunately, it refused to show itself, instead sulking permanently deep inside the plantation.  However, we were treated to 3 hours of song from the MELODIOUS WARBLER whilst we waited in vein for it to appear.  We were only rewarded with three extremely short glimpses that could barely be considered tickable!  Other than that, our grueling wait was rewarded with a single brief burst of calls from a distant Cuckoo before we moved on to Welbeck raptor watchpoint for Honey Buzzards.

Rather unfortunately, we had to draw a second blank here too!  Despite five hours on our feet at the second site, we had slim rewards in the form of a single Hobby and a couple Buzzards before we had a a final stab at the Melodious.

Yet again we failed to set eyes on the warbler, although we did hear it sing briefly as dusk approached and the wind subsided.

Although Sh4rpy and Paul seemed rather downcast at the dips, at least we now have the songs of Melodious Warbler imprinted on our minds!

Cheers to Sh4rpy for the driving!

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