Saturday, 27 July 2013

Anger and Death! (25th July)

A rather depressing 500th post!

We'd originally planned another attempt at twitching the Little Bitterns at Ham Wall but after the prospect of rain we decided to abort this idea and head for Chew Valley Lake instead.  The majority of birds were rather distant so the scope came with us whilst Ephraim's camera stayed in the car.

We found a 3rd or 4th CY Yellow-legged Gull fairly quickly along with 1 Common Sandpiper and 3 Goldeneye (exceptionally early birds and all females).

Yellow-legged Gull

Not much else to report until we crossed the dam at the far northern end of the lake where my brother and I came across an injured adult Black-headed Gull (clearly the result of a collision with a passing car).  It's depressing to see any bird in distress but as it was clearly a human induced injury anger seems to just well up inside!

There was little we could do to help it but leaving it wasn't an option so we called the parents to bring the car over so that we might be able to bring it to a local rehabilitation center.  However, as the Reno drove into the car park we had our second shock of the day.  The window had been smashed and much to the sadness of my brother his expensive camera equipment had all been stolen!  About £2000 worth of Nikon and Sigma gear to be precise!!!

I still couldn't bare to leave the gull so I carried it over to the car but only minutes after picking it up of the side of the road it died...

a bird in the hand can't go to waste

wing moult

growing P 6, 5, 4 and 3

old outer primaries

moulting the outer greater coverts

head transition summer-winter

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