Thursday, 6 June 2013

Morning Mothing (6th June)

I put the traps out last night and returned to them this morning around 6am to check the results with my flatmate Char.  Both being absolute novices on the subject it took us about an hour and a half to ID eight of the ten moths that we had caught!  None the less, it was good fun leafing through the macro moth book.  Species we caught and IDed as follows:

1. Clouded Silver 1
2. Common White Wave 1
3. Green Carpet 1
4. Silver-ground Carpet 2
5. Hebrew Character 1
6. Square-spot Rustic 1
7. Treble Lines 1

Clouded Silver

Common White Wave

Green Carpet

Silver-ground Carpet

Square-spot Rustic

Treble Line

Other inverts included Cockchafer and a wasp species.

Also a Falmouth patch first (for me) was a Red Kite which drifted eastwards, parallel to the stream, in the direction of Penryn!

Also saw my first Cornish Red Admiral of the year later in the afternoon whilst in town.

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