Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Only the One Moth (4th June)

I was pretty tired from the past weeks non-stop birding trips and with news of a Western Orphean Warbler in Devon, I thought I'd better get some rest before heading of the next morning.  As a result I ditched the moth trapping that I had planned and went to bed.  Not so quick, as it happened a moth flew into the kitchen around midnight and after eventually catching it, it turned out to be a stunning Peach Blossom!  Whilst releasing the moth outside again, a Tawny Owl was calling somewhere in the woodland around campus.

Peach Blossom moth

As you may well know the Western Orphean Warbler has been re-identified as a Lesser Whitethroat, bit of a shame but at least news broke a couple hours before I would have caught the train, saving me a pointless journey.

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