Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mothing at the Res's (1st June)

Mothing with EcoSoc this morning!

Moths: EYED HAWKMOTHPOPLAR HAWKMOTHMuslin Moth, Flame ShoulderBrown Silver-lineHebrew CharacterRivuletWhite ErmineSmall PhoenixPowdered QuakerCommon Quaker, Pale Pinion, Silver-ground CarpetSquare-spot Rustic, an unIDed micro moth and pug species.

Other Invertebrates: Cockchafer and Black Sexton Beetle.

Birds:  Heard 2 Garden Warbler singing whilst on our route around the Reservoirs checking the traps.

catch of the day, Eyed Hawkmoth!!!

Poplar Hawkmoth

another Poplar Hawkmoth!

Muslin Moth

Flame Shoulder

Brown Silver-line

Hebrew Character

Pale Prominent


White Ermine

Small Phoenix

Powdered Quaker

Common Quaker

Pale Pinion

Silver-ground Carpet

Square-spot Rustic

another Square-spot Rustic

unIDed Nematopogon species

pug species, any ideas?


Black Sexton Beetle (with mites)

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  1. That is a lot of moths, did you ID them all yourself or where you in a group with a few moth specialists. Im surprised you haven't gone for the Purple Heron yet are you thinking of going some time soon or waiting for one to turn up at Stithianes. Good to see you doing other stuff then birding.