Saturday, 22 June 2013

Lizard Yet Again! (13th June)

Long time since my last update so here's one from my bike trip down the Lizard.

Lizard Point

It took a total of over 40 miles strenuous bike riding through head wind and I was only partially rewarded for my efforts but Cornwall in the spring isn't usually that productive in terms of birds so I couldn't set my hopes too highly.  As it happens I was actually there for the fritillaries but even the chances of connecting with those seemed slim due to the strong winds.  2 singing Yellowhammers on the bike ride down were probably the highlight (given the fact they are an uncommon bird for this part of Cornwall).

Next a total of 10 miles on foot around the western side of the headland.  This was equally unproductive except for 2 male Wheatear and some Common Spotted Orchids.  Seabird passage was also what one might expect for June but the strong SW winds did blow numerous Manx Shearwaters closer to the point, making it possible to appreciate them at a closer range.

Common Spotted Orchid

As a last resort, I tried Windmill Farm but the winds were still far too strong for most butterflies.  Only small numbers of Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, the odd Common Darter a Black-tailed Skimmer and a Keeled Skimmer.  My personal highlight was in fact a Slow Worm which I uncovered from under one of the metal sheets strewn around the sight.  It didn't hang around long enough for a pic unfortunately but was a lifer none the less!

male Black-tailed Skimmer

immature male Keeled Skimmer (thanks for the ID Bob)

Common Blue Damselfly

Scalloped Hazel (I think)

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