Friday, 25 March 2011

Waxwing on Vicarage Lane

On my way back from school, the walk through Cassiobury Park included the usual drumming 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker.  However, on my way back up Vicarage Lane coming from the village I heard some trilling that I suddenly recognised as Waxwing call, There was a great confusion of movement in the bushes and suddenly a group of about 10 Waxwing flew out of the berry bush in a front drive half way up Vicarage Lane.  After a brief detour they returned.  However, me being unequipped with any gear I ran quickly home and returned with camera and bins to take some of the below pictures (they are all cropped to some extent and I did manipulate the colour tone only because the light was bad).  Whilst waiting for the waxwing to return 1 Sparrowhawk also flew over.  The views of the Waxwing that my brother and I had were amazing and their bravery was also very surprising as 1 juvenile remained in the bush whilst the others went on their short detour behind the neighbouring houses and remained extremely close to the road despite all the traffic and people walking past within feet of it.  Most birds seem to be adult female or juvenile.  A last good view of them included a total of 9 Waxwing, and needless to say the experience was amazing. 

my favorite photo of a female Waxwing going crazy over the last of the berries 

the juvenile that remained in the bush braving the Friday after school traffic 

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