Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cassiobury Park and KL Woods

This morning whilst walking down into the village I heard 1 Sparrowhawk calling in KL Woods (It was probably a male and was evidently aiming to attract a mate), it seemed the usual residents birds of the wood had evacuated and dozens of common species were taking refuge in the bush on the outskirt of the wood including Coal Tits and Great Tits.  There was very little on my way through the park in the morning but on my return at 4:25 There were 3 Nuthatches chasing each other around and 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming.  Back in Kings Langley, on my way back down into the village for the second time 1♂ Sparrowhawk flew over the front gardens outside the KL State School and landed in the small copse to the left of the entrance, it was a fantastic view and its classic behavior was so obvious it would have been difficult to miss.  Whilst walking through the woods 2 Muntjac Deer skulking at the side of the road one bounded in front of me, evidently scared by my arrival and the second fled in the opposite direction up towards the common.

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