Sunday, 13 March 2011

Garden Birding

Today's garden birds included 3 Greenfinches (2 ad., 1juv.) and 1 Goldfinch on the seed feeder, I heard a Ring-necked Parakeet (in the direction of the high street), a pair of Blue Tits were investigating last years unclaimed nest box, on one occasion one carried a piece of nest material to the box, but there hasn't been much more activity.  There were also 3 Dunnocks, 3 Robins, 1 Coal Tit, 3 Blackbirds  (2males, 1 female), 1 Jay was on the bird table in the early morning and some Fieldfare and a Nuthatch were heard in the woods about midday.

a Coal Tit paying a brief visit to the peanut feeder

A bit of squabbling over the bird feeder as 3 Greenfinches cram onto the bird feeder

Greenfinch poking its head through the bird feeder and out the other side?


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