Thursday, 10 March 2011

Some ID Head-Scratchers


I was looking through my previous notes in my old note books and I'm still trying to identify these two birds.  I wondered if anyone would have any opinions?  One is a raptor that flew over my garden last year in early April.  Its probably a Sparrowhawk but it had a fully dark black/brown head and wings with a white/buff body which I find quite unusual for a bird of prey, it was size of male Goshawk i.e.50cm, its wings and tail were thinly bared and some streaks were on its vent. The other bird is a Bunting photographed over some farmland in east Germany, to me it looks like a female Black-headed Bunting (I know they are very rare in that region but I couldn't find any other match in the ID books).  It had a dark brown cap, pale yellow chest and a triangular head.  I only got a brief view of it through my camera view finder so most of the ID comes from the photo.

I'd be grateful for any opinions,

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