Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Fields Behind The RSSKL

As I arrived in the field bordering the RSSKL there was 1 Green Woodpecker "yaffling" and 1♂ Kestrel was perched in the tall hedges that run along the A41.  The walk seemed to follow the usual routine and 1 Pheasant called near the woods next to Langley Lodge.  2 Yellowhammers were nearby (1♀ and 1 calling).  1 Skylark was also over the cow field (singing) and 1 Buzzard was circling over the fields near the ditch leading to Chipperfield.  My largest count of 3 Yellowhammers was near Ordnance Wood (and included 1♀ and 2 others (only heard calling and singing)).  1 Great Spotted Woodpecker was also calling from the wood and a total of 69 Pigeons (consisting of 34 Stock Doves and 35 Woodpigeons) were in the neighboring field but unfortunately took flight after being disturbed by me and the dog.

mixed flock of Woodpigeons and Stock Doves

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