Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tring Reservoirs

I arrived at Tring Reservoirs at c. 9:30am and took the route through the fields onto the reservoir from the cemetery corner.  There was only a small number of bird but there were still several species including:
  • 1 female Goosander (resting in the centre of the reservoir)
  • 6 Goldeneye (1 male,5 females) near the eastern corner of the reservoir
  • Greylag Goose (14 in the fields, 46+ on the reservoir near the hide)
  • 1 male Pheasant (over the reeds to the right of the hide)
  • 1 Little Egret 
  • 1 probable Clouded Yellow Butterfly
 Some of the photos I took:

Greylag Geese feeding in field behind reservoir

Tufted Duck along with dozens more on Wilstone

Great Crested Grebe
there were a number of Great-crested Grebes performing their courtship display including this pair near the hide. 

Greylag Geese coming in to land 


Pied Wagtail on the jetty

In the western corner of the reservoir my brother found a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly.

Small Tortoiseshell, sunning before getting more active and eventually taking flight 

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