Sunday, 20 March 2011

Fields behind RSSKL

The weather was relatively good and it was around midday c.12:45 that I got out behind the RSSKL fields to walk my dog.  The first birds about were the raptors including 1 Red Kite, 1♀ Kestrel and 1 Buzzard (heard calling).  At one point there was a maximum of 8 Magpies perched in the trees near the motorway and 1♂ Pheasant called near Langley Lodge.  Around the farm were 48+ Woodpigeons (perched in the dead trees along the hedge row) and 2 Skylarks were singing (both in the fields neighboring Langley Lodge).  15+Starling flew over the cow fields and a further 50+ Starling were in the hedge rows that boarders the sheep field near the A41.  1 Grey Heron also flew in the direction of Chipperfield and 3 Long-tailed Tits were in the hedges along the A road.

Skylark over fields near Langley Lodge

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