Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Double Dip (29th January)

I was down at Swanpool and Gylly Beach today doing beach surveys for my Environmental Science course so not much time for birding.  None the less a couple interesting birds, my favourites being c.10 Fulmar using the updrafts from the cliffs at Pennance Point and a flock of Gannets coming close inshore.  On the walk to Gylly a stunning adult male Black Redstart flew across the path, flashing its white wing panel and bright red tail at me before plunging behind a hedge into some lucky persons front garden.

Back at the stream again, opposite Tremough Campus, I attempted to refind yesterdays Dipper but was equally surprised to soon discover that there was not one but 2 DIPPERS now on the stream!  Both showing well and fairly approachable.  They seemed to prefer the section of stream just downstream of the Jahovah's Witness building and despite occasionally zooming off down or upstream for a few minutes I did get a few shots with them together.  I suspect there may possibly be a third individual although I cannot currently prove this and the other two may become hostile to an intruder on their territory so if by some chance there is a third bird, this may be forced further up or downstream.

 adult Dipper, nearly a garden tick!

 both Dippers, one in the background, one in the foreground

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