Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 The year list begins! (1st January)

I must admit I feel a little bad as it seems I was the only birder in the country not to have set foot outside, in my defense, I was still tired from yesterdays outing and a late night meant I couldn't bare to get out of bed.  This didn't mean I didn't fit in any birding.  On the contrary, I spent the whole afternoon slouched in an armchair staring out the window at the numerous garden birds visiting the feeders.  So far the year list is on a grand total of 12 species! (maybe I slightly over glorified that last sentence).

1. Chaffinch
2. Great Tit
3. Woodpigeon
4. Robin
5. Greenfinch
6. Goldfinch
7. Blue Tit
8. Blackbird
9. Coal Tit
10. Magpie
11. Red Kite - the best bird of the day which flew directly over the garden totally unexpectadly
12. Dunnock

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