Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Rosy Day! (5th January)

The time had come to head back to Falmouth with an exam on the 7th so my parents kindly drove me down in the car, along with all my stuff.  I also had an additional favour in store and soon after the first 3 hour leg of our journey, we pulled into Milbury Lane in Exminster.  It took about 20-30 mins for one of the birders to finally find the target bird perched low in a hedge in someones back garden.  He soon put me on the bird, a 1st winter ROSE-COLOURED STARLING!  Not quite the stunner compared to the adults but a good bird none the less.  The rosiness was restricted to the legs alone whilst the yellow/orange beak and pale cream/grey chest, back and rump contrasted well with the dark wings.  It showed well on two occasions but seemed to be preferring a solitary life as it didn't associated with the Starlings but instead, sat preening itself and skulking in the hedge.

rump, tail and a small section of the primaries of the 1st winter Rose-coloured Starling

 It showed a lot better, trust me.  Here, only the chest and rosy tarsus showing

A good start to the year made all the better by 2 male Brambling that I also saw in the allotments behind the church.  The journey down was relatively productive too with c.300 Lapwing seen from the M5 and a total of 2 Buzzards, 3 kestrels and 5 Red Kites along the way!

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