Monday, 14 January 2013

Back on the Kernow Patch! (14th January)

Once again I'm back in Penryn, Falmouth for my second term at uni.  A lecture in the morning but I decided to reacquaint myself with the local patch for a brief period so I took a walk around the quarry just north of the campus.  I took my time whilst wandering up the path hoping for a nice passerine but I saw nothing of note until I got to Carnsew Farm.  Out of nowhere shot a Peregrine low over the ground across the yard full of junk and in barely no time, it was nearing the campus at an impressive speed.  From here, I continued up towards the quarry where I stood watching the Jackdaws.  The Peregrine (presumably a male judging by its relatively small size) made a second appearance and spent much of the time using the updrafts from the strong wind to remain at a relatively constant height in the sky.  A single Buzzard was attempting the same maneuvers albeit a little less successfully.  Down near the quarry entrance again, I picked up on a single Chiffchaff of the nominate race before returning back to campus.  Not a lot for an afternoon out in the field admittedly but it was nice to be back on the Cornish patch.

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