Saturday, 22 September 2012

Swanpool and Pennance Point (22nd September)

I got up rather late this morning and decided to treat myself to a brief weekend outing to try and find some of my own good birds, following a few days of neigh blanks.  I din't achieve much better today as Swanpool had little except for what its name suggests on it.  Pennance Point was the next stop where I sat myself down for some solitary sea-watching.  Despite the wrong wind direction and being rather cold it came as no surprise that only a few Gannets flew past, even more distantly than usual.  All the same it was probably my favourite time, thanks to no-one bumping into me and asking the same "taken any good photos today?" question as they refer to my scope!? (I am getting seriously tired of correcting almost every person I meet, even the occasional dude).  It was just me at Pennance Point, my own private sea-watching spot!  Something and somewhere I can treasure without getting disturbed (sorry it seems so antisocial).  With very little passing my new found home, I decided to make a brief excursion down the footpath before returning.  On returning, I was still sitting down when an ad. win. Mediterranean Gull flew past.  It did improve a little with Gannets flying a little closer to the cliff, an indication for better birding to come, a prob. SOOTY SHEARWATER being the best I could prove for it.  Although the birding appears a little dull at the moment I'm still attempting to try and locate a productive local patch, between Uni commitments but Pennance Point is definitely the best spot so far on the list so I'm very pleased!