Tuesday, 11 September 2012

2nd day in the Lakes (8th September)

Most of the day was dedicated to driving (no surprise there) but I woke up early to fit in an hours early morning birding before our journey continued.  I decided to revisit the Dipper to attempt getting a better view of it, as yesterdays bird was the first I had seen for over three years!  Given the location, it came as no surprise when one zoomed past as I walked along the river bank.  I decided to relocated it later and focused on the other birds along the riverside the highlight being a Spotted Flycatcher obviously enjoying the bonanza of flies, no doubt aided by this summers record breaking wet weather.  There was still clear evidence of the extent of the flooding months on from the disaster!  I soon relocated the 1st year Dipper once again feeding in the stream not far from where I had last seen it.  It had just emerged with a caddisfly case and was attempting to break it open on the rocks.  After dropping it multiple times and investing some time and effort it seemed to give up, a lot of effort for such a small reward, providing it even gets one.  Even its inexperienced behaviour seemed to match its age as well at the white tipped greater coverts.  Anyway, back in the car for another few hours.

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