Sunday, 16 September 2012

Finding a new local patch (16th September)

Yesterday was dedicated to sorting out all my Uni commitments so it was only on the following day, after I had organised a few more bits and pieces that I got out for a short walk around the local area.  My aim was to find a way to reach College Reservoir on foot.  However, access seemed a major issue as there were strict "KEEP OUT" signs all around with only a small section accessible by a public footpath along the north eastern boundary.  It seems I should try harder to find a better place but I still have to get used to a totally different surrounding so it'll probably take some time before I can put any effort into finding a good local patch, let alone find some good birds on it!

 a rather desolate College Reservoir

Don't worry all my successes and failures will still be published on the blog, this should make a nice change to my endless posts on Fields Behind the RSSKL, this time the focus will be around Penryn (the site of the university I attend).  Don't worry Mum and Dad I'll still be working hard and revising as well as birding.

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