Thursday, 6 September 2012

My final day on the Island (4th September)

With the hope of locating Dotterel on the golf course, I headed up towards Telegraph were I located 10 Sanderling at Porth Mellon along with several Ringed Plovers including one ringed individual.  Despite trying hard to attempt reading the ring number I could only read the last few digits .....969.

 ringed Ringed Plover

The thick fog over the golf course did limit the distance I could view over it as all I could pick up were a few Linnets.  Back at the Porthloo, Robin pulled over in his car on his way to buy bananas from the town.  Plans changed and we made a little diversion together to the Garisson were I was kindly dropped off were I had the opportunity for a short wander around before rushing back to catch the boat.  I wasn't to leave without a little action first as I walked around the southern end of the Garrison I was soon confronted with yet another unIDed warbler.  I quickly called Spider and Robin who were soon on the scene.  With a bit of "pishing" the bird still decided to remain deep in cover and we only managed a few fleeting glimpses as it shot between the foliage.  It soon dawned on me, my time was up and the ferry back couldn't wait for a warbler.  Very reluctantly I had to leave it unIDed behind and take the ferry back to Penzance.

unIDed warbler

The ferry back also didn't go without the fog and once again limited the viewing down to less than a few hundred metres.  Through the gloom I still managed to see 18+ Manx Shearwaters, 3 cetaceans and 1 Portuguese Man Of War.

My time on the island was definitely a great experience and as well as finding my own rarities, getting to know the local birders was a great privilege.  I will be back, hopefully in the peak season of October to get a real sample of the bigger rarities on offer.  Thanks to all the Scilly birders for the numerous lifts and local info, particularly Spider, I hope to see you all soon.

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