Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Peninnis Incommodious Ickmodious and the east of St Mary's (31st August)

Peninnis Head was my first bet, after a little advice from some of the local birders.  Still tired from yesterday, I stood blankly watching a hedge where I'd just seen a warbler fly in.  It emerged after about a 10-15 minutes wait.  Despite not showing well, I suddenly realised I was confronted with a Melodious or Icterine Warbler!  After some quick digi-scope shots, it was soon gone, never to be seen again.  Although the ID still remains unconfirmed, it is most likely to be a Melodious Warbler.  Thanks to all those who helped try and ID it on birdforum and local birders on Scilly (all the same, still my first self-found Scilly scarcity!).

probable Melodious Warbler, any help with ID welcome

  Also of note around the headland, were 8+ Wheatear, Stonechats and 4 White Wagtails in Carn Leh Cove.

White Wagtail at Carn Leh Cove

It was at the airfield later in the afternoon that I had my first and only butterfly lifer of the trip, a CLOUDED YELLOW flying casually low past over the heather.  Another visit to Porth Hellick produced a few more commoner waders including 1 Dunlin, 1 Greenshank and 2 Common Sandpipers.  It got a little more exciting on the east side of the island where I soon bumped into a Whinchat, a single Raven, 2 Wheatears, a probable Firecrest, 1 Spotted Flycatcher and the highlight my first of many Scilly PIED FLYCATCHERS.  Red Admirals seemed to be increasing steadily in number and at least 2-3 were on view at any one time in any place, whilst a Painted Lady butterfly was also a welcome highlight.

Whinchat at Mount Todden

Pied Flycatcher also at Mount Todden

Painted Lady, you guessed it, at Mount Todden

St Mary's Pool

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  1. I know its a long time ago, but I think with the long primary projection, grey legs and white flash on the wings, I would put this down as an Icterine Warbler. :)