Wednesday, 22 August 2012

St Catherines Point (19th August)

The day began earlier than I had wished as I was woken by three men sharing the same dorm as me, all snoring like horses having nightmares (it was seriously bad).  Today didn't yield many good birds, perhaps a combination of me only getting a few hours sleep and good weather (not so good for birding).  Anyway, our second day on the Isle of Wight was spent at the southern most tip.  This time highlights included a FULMAR past the headland (still a year tick for me), 2 Gannets, a Redstart in the vicinity of the Lighthouse, 2 Ravens and a Peacock.  The weather was very hot, perhaps the reason why most migrants were in deep cover for shade.  On our drive back a possible Pied Flycatcher flew up from near the road into some dense bush but it was all too brief to confirm it.

female Holly Blue

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