Friday, 17 August 2012

Local patch around Pantenburg, Germany (7th August)

I was working for most of the morning so only got out to do some birding by the afternoon.  However, it was still rather productive and on the way through some coniferous woodland the variety of woodland birds, including Crested Tits were a definite highlight (despite being a locally common species).  The surrounding farmland leading up to the local church (Buchholz) had 12+ Tree Sparrows, 2 Whitethroats and best of all 3 RED-BACKED SHRIKES (including 1stunning ♂, 1 ♀ and what I think was a 1st summer bird).  Black Redstarts also seemed to appear regularly with 2 Black Redstarts near the church and another Black Redstart in the local village of Manderscheid (seen whilst shopping).
all three Red-backed Shrikes, perhaps a locally bred family party

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