Friday, 17 August 2012

Naturschutzgebiet Sangweiher (11th August)

My brother and I took the bike north along the nearby bike track towards Daun.  Our first stop was by far the most productive and as well as finding a totally new type of habitat (marshy wetland a rare sight in the region) we also saw some good species.  Several Common Sandpipers were the first obvious species but after only a short period of waiting an OSPREY flew in from the south west!  It remained hovering not high over the water and made some brief stoops towards the water but pulled out of its dive on several occasions before heading back the way it had come.  Other species of note included 3 Greenshanks, 4 Red Kites and another surprise, 3 WOOD SANDPIPERS (accompanying the other waders on the north side of the mud bank)!  Insects of note included 1 Brimstone and an Emperor Dragonfly hawking over the water.  On my way back, I took a further diversion, bypassing Buchholz (were I had seen the Shrikes earlier in the week).  I was once again lucky, this time 2 Red-backed Shrikes were showing well (including the usual male and female bird).

Naturschutzgebiet Sangweiher

Wood Sandpiper

female Red-backed Shrike

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