Friday, 17 August 2012

Altenberghutte and probable Black Kites (12th August)

We had visitors for much of the morning so I was restricted to the house for much of the time.  However, as we were eating outside 2 probable BLACK KITES flew north over the house and took me totally by surprise.  I didn't have my binoculars directly at hand and by the time I got them from my room, they where too distant to ID properly.  Features I did get on them, did point strongly towards Black Kite as their tails were only slightly forked (when closed), their bodies were nearly entirely dark brown, except for their head which appeared paler (even more so due to the strong sunlight) and other markings were difficult to distinguish.  In the garden, another Map Butterfly came to feed on the flowers (a second brood).  I did however manage a late afternoon/early evening visit to the Altenberghutte.  Barely any raptors were showing, instead I watched 5 Purple Hairstreaks flying, landing, defending their territory, feeding and even some confrontation amongst two perched individuals.

Purple Hairstreak

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