Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Pendennis in the Rain (2nd October)

"my" sea-watching spot at Pendennis Point

Finally October is upon us and good birds should be flooding in.  In fact no fewer than 144 Balearic Shears had already passed Porthgwarra before I rushed down to Pendennis Point to be greeted by a strong SW wind.  My hopes for good shears where high to say the least.  However, it took a surprisingly long time for the first one to come past and although not being too distant, the strong wind was making the tripod wobble so much that the closest ID I could get was a probable Balearic Shearwater.  I decided to chose a slightly more sheltered spot and after waiting about another half hour a group of 3 shearwaters flew past, once again the tripod wobbled the head wouldn't move across smoothly and I had to write them off as 3 more probable Balearic Shearwaters.  Sea-watching with the tripod I have is seriously not worth the effort I've got to invest in a better one before I get serious grip offs.  Anyway, moaning about it wont solve the problem.

A Fox Moth caterpillar accompanying me on the sea-watch.  After getting bored of the small clump of grass it began crossing the concrete and was blown around rather violently, skidding across the concrete several feet at a time!

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