Friday, 26 October 2012

Even another E.S. Outing (25th October)

south east Lizard

Just about squeezed in five minutes of birding during a volunteering session down on the Lizard as part of my Environmental Science degree.  We were removing gorse from a SSSI site in order to recreate space for some rare plants but during the 50 minute lunch break I decided to run south along the coastal path about 2 miles south of Cadgwith to Church Cove in order to connect with a Yellow-browed Warbler which had been seen on some occasions during the past week or so.  It took about half an hour to reach so only had five minutes to have a quick dash around the site before running the 2 miles back up the path again.  Unsurprisingly my tick and run method (meant in literal terms) was unsuccessful only 2 Mediterranean Gulls Larus Melanocephalus seen from the quarry and a Raven Corvus corax near Cadgwith.  Diving Gannets Morus bassanus near the coast were a nice sight as were several Common Dog Violets (something I wasn't expecting to see in full flower during mid-late October!).

 Common Dog Violet (confirmation would be much appreciated)

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