Monday, 2 July 2012

Sabine's Gull at Startop's End Reservoir!! (2nd July)

I was rather surprised when I clicked on Herts Bird Club to find the news that a Sabines Gull had been found and photographed at Startop's End Reservoir today, as well as yesterday.  Within five mins my brother, Theo (our dog) and I were out the house and given a lift our my mum.
  • cloud 3/3 shade 1-2/3
  • wind 2/3
  • temp. 1/3
  • rain 1-2/3
We arrived around 5pm and from the hide along the causeway soon managed to pick out the SABINE'S GULL traversing the northern bank of the reservoir.  We moved around to the northern corner and were rewarded with amazing views of the gull as it banked past us and the growing group of observers only metres from our heads (occasionally too close for photos!)  Even better, it moved between both the Bucks and Herts border so managed to put it on both my Herts list and my future Bucks list.  A brilliant bird for early July especially for the Reservoirs, it seems birding in the summer can on occasion be rewarding.  Also of note were a Red Crested Pochard pair resting on the barley bails, Common Terns, occasionally harassing the Sabine's (forcing it to call intermittently) and a single Hobby.

Sabine's Gull

If only all the wing would have been in the shot


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