Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Red-backed Shrike at Lake Farm Country Park (16th July)

My mum and sister gave my brother and I a lift down to west London to twitch the Red-backed Shrike which had been in residence for a few days, whilst they went off to do their yoga.  Obviously we had more important business on mind and it took us some effort to eventually track it down.  I first decided to visit all the possible locations around the open grassland, including all the surrounding hedgerows but only decided to pay its favoured hedge a visit after I had checked all the other possible locations.  Unsurprisingly my plan wasn't very good but I was glad to eventual set eyes on the RED-BACKED SHRIKE as it spooked a group of Linnets and Whitethroats from a small hedge just east of the BMX track.  Although it was only on show for 30-40 seconds and only saw it on half a dozen occasions I was still very pleased to catch on this stunner bird!

 Only got 2 shots of the Red-backed Shrike before it dived back into the hedge

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