Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Red-backed Shrike (revisited) (17th July)

My sister was keen to go back for another yoga class today (her obsession) and my brother and I took advantage of the scenario once again and managed to scavenge a lift down to the Red-backed Shrike once again.  The weather was much better and our chances looked much better.  As predicted, the sunshine meant a lot of insects were out which in turn meant the ♂ RED-BACKED SHRIKE was once again out on show.  I only saw it once with prey (a small green caterpillar) but it appeared a lot more active and was showing for much longer periods of time.  At least a dozen or so people also visited the bird during our stay including Steve Carter and Derek Turner, both herts birders as well as the finder.

 Red-backed Shrike showing a lot better today in the sunshine, not a bad result given it's a digi-scope shot!

 Small Skipper

A small huddle of twitchers, we really are a weird bunch!

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