Thursday, 22 May 2014

Falmouth Patch +Terek Sand!!! (16th May)

Pendennis Point:

5 Bottlenose Dolphins in the Carrick Roads between Pendennis and St Mawes leaping right out of teh water at times and putting on a good performance!
2 Black-throated Diver fairly distantly offshore
1 Wheatear
1 Rock Pipit
4 Linnets (2 adults and 2 recently fledged begging young)


4 Bottlenose Dolphin arriving from Gylly Beach area heading west (might have been different ones to those seen in the Carrick Roads)
2 Black-throated Diver
5+ diver sp. in the bay (prob. GNDs)
1 Grey Seal

one of the Bottlenose Dolphins surfacing

Later that afternoon news came through of a Terek Sand found at Amble Marshes, Walmsley Sanctuary.  I wasn't seriously considering going but was keen for an attempt on it if the opportunity arose.  I was rather surprised as a result when Dan texted with the intention of going that same afternoon.  Revision got put to one side temporarily and I rushed down to see it.  On arrival, all went quite smoothly until we reached the door of the hide.  It was locked...

Since we weren't members there was no access so we had to resort to looking through the timber slats below the hide.  Fortunately, this technique worked as I managed to pick up on the TEREK SANDPIPER quite quickly.  Thankfully, Adrian Langdon, the warden came wandering up the steps and kindly offered to let us take a look from inside the hide, providing much more comfortable viewing conditions.

believe it or not I manage to locate it through this lot before we gained access

Terek Sandpiper

Amble Marshes, Walmsley Sanctuary

more rubbish record shots

I finally managed to add a couple Sand Martins to the year list and it was nice to see a supporting cast of Black-tailed Godwits, Dunlin and Ringed Plover (mostly species I'm not that accustomed to on the Falmouth patch).  2 Hares were also resting in the field beyond the wetland.


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