Thursday, 22 May 2014

Falmouth Patch (14th May)

A pretty exhausting patch round with strong sun being the real killer. Started at Swanvale shortly after 8am (overslept unfortunately).


Nesting Great Tit carrying in food and removing fecal sac. Bullfinch and 1 Willow Warbler singing.


3 Reed Warblers singing (all heard in short succession of each other) 1 in the northwestern corner, 1 in the middle section also on the western bank and the longest staying one remaining in the south western corner. I was lucky enough to get prolonged and decent views of the central one, rather surprising as they are usually extremely elusive here at Swanpool. A Sedge Warbler was also singing from the overgrown bank in the front garden of the house opposite the Hooked Cafe but was a little tricky to pick out thanks to all the traffic.

singing Reed Warbler at Swanpool

With recent concern over the number of Rock Pipits in the SW part of Cornwall, I was quite pleased to see 2 Rock Pipits chasing each other just below the cafe.

I decided to take the road around to Maenporth in order to check the numerous fields on the way. Although it looked like good habitat the tall hedgerows and continuous stream of cars heading down to the beach made it nearly impossible to check most of the high-potential areas.


1 Fulmar, nesting pair of Rock Pipits carrying in food and removing/dropping fecal sac in the sea.  Little Egret, Whitethroats, 1 Stonechat pair, 2 House Martins, Swallows, 2 Kestrels and a couple of Ravens. Highlight was a pod of 8+ dolphins lingering offshore (tricky IDing but probably Commons based on small size, long beak and rather pointed dorsal fin, not blunt enough as I would have expected for Bottlenose). They were behaving rather relaxed and touring the area between Rosemullion and the larger tanker ships. It was a little frustrating to see the number of sailing boats who, on seeing them, irresponsibly ploughed straight towards them with little respect for their space.

dolphin sp. (probably Commons)

Pennance Point:

view over Falmouth Bay from Pennance Point

Singing Skylark, Blackcaps and a Robin carrying food to a nest site.


Final bird of the day was a Whimbrel piping low over Swanvale just as I entered the Nature Reserve.


Quite a few Speckled Woods, Large Whites, Orange-tips, Red Admiral and blue sp. hanging around a holly bush (possible hint as to the species).

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