Friday, 20 September 2013

AK Wildlife Trip (18th September)

Back on the brilliant AK Wildlife Trip that's running from Falmouth Docks!  We had a great time despite the poor weather and braved the rain in search of Grey Seals.  The Seals were our main purpose of the trip with the intent on finding and recording them over a long study period to build up a picture of where/when they are present.  Since there has been a considerable decline in the local area due to disturbance and inhumane fishing techniques, it is important that every individual is valued.  We were lucky enough to encounter a total of 5 Grey Seals between St Anthony Head and Towan Beach, including 2 bull males and 3 females as well as experience some unique behaviour as a female approached one of the male's beaches to find herself a suitable place to pup.

tough conditions but rewarding none the less

one of the females

and  a bull male guarding "his" beach

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  1. Hello Samuel,
    just been reading your blog. An amazing number of varied species you have seen and recorded this summer. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the start into your second year of uni with its new knowledge which will propel you further in your field. Love mum