Saturday, 21 September 2013

AK Wildlife Cruising (21st September)

A trip out with AK wildlife cruise with the wonderful volunteer group, including several up and coming young naturalists and photographers from the uni!  It was great to be out at sea again and despite a rather slow start we managed to pick out the occasional goody.  First up was a routine check to St Anthony's Head for a quick search of the resident Grey Seals.  We managed to log a total of 5 Grey Seals along the coastline between the Point and Gull Rock, despite spending the majority of our time further out in the English Channel.  On reaching the wave Hub our first Harbour Porpoise was called but being elusive animals I didn't manage to connect with this individual.  Instead, I saw 2 Harbour Porpoise a little later as we continued further out along with 2 Razorbills, 1 Guillemot and 2 auk sp.  Turning back inshore we soon crossed the path of 2 Bonxies as they moved westwards and nearing the coast I manged to pick up on a close flypast Balearic Shearwater providing the best views yet that I have had of this species!

Working our way back along the coastal cliffs and beaches we caught up with the odd Sandwich Tern and plenty of Mediterranean Gulls, a Whimbrel and once moored up we finally saw the Peregrine that we had been hoping for during our efforts in scanning the cliffs.  We actually saw this one heading high inland up the Penryn River over the Docks.

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