Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mothing at the Lizard! (22nd May)

My final exam of 1st year Uni is now finally behind me!  As usual, there was no better way to round the evening off nicely with a trip down to Lizard for some crepuscular birding and moth trapping with Greg (a fellow 1st year).  We'd borrowed two moth traps from the Uni and our hopes were set high with Emperor Moth on our minds.  Having never taken mothing very seriously at all I had little idea what to expect but the evening certainly turned out to be exciting.  Shortly after setting up our second trap, we heard a Cuckoo calling, at 9:30pm!  Even more bazaar was a second call (possibly from a different individual) half an hour later!

Dusk over moorland at the Lizard

trap light at dusk

Whilst wandering between the traps a Tawny Owl was also heard calling in the coppice and a pipistrelle sp.  flew ahead of us.

On our second check of the traps we were nothing short of thrilled to find an absolutely stunning female EMPEROR MOTH glare up at us!  We studied it for some time and finally concluded that it was indeed an absolute stunner!!!

Emperor Moth!!!  What a beauty!

Me and the Emperor

...and a pug sp.

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