Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Good Patching! (1st May)

A nice start to the month down at sunny College Reservoir where my friends Matt and Marcus enjoyed a well earned bit of birding.  College was typically quiet with only a Kingfisher and a Treecreeper of note.  Wildfowl numbers were significantly lower so there seemed little point hanging around watching nothing.  Our next move was Argal Reservoir with the intention of scanning from the dam.  Not much to report there either so we made our way to the southern bank of Argal.  I suddenly realised a large gull-shaped raptor flying past.  It was drifting casually north and despite having given my bins to my friend it was clear to see with the nacked eye that it was an OSPREY!

Osprey heading north over Argal and College Res's

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  1. Two very good local patch raptors. Keep the good work up.