Friday, 19 April 2013

Woodland at Dusk (18th April)

I was keen for a bit of crepuscular birding (between c.8:20pm-9:45pm) in the hope of finding a roding Woodcock at Chipperfield Wood but unfortunately no luck.  I was sat on the forest floor overlooking the clearing at the center of the wood and not surprisingly a Fox ran past.  It soon popped out again and began walking down the path towards me, still unaware of my presence.  I decided to let it know I was only a couple meters away by making a "pish" noise and rather surprisingly it froze before it began jogging purposefully towards me!  A little taken aback, I was glad it soon realised I was person and it bolted once again for the bushes.

As the evening progressed, a pair of Tawny Owls began calling to each other.  I was even treated view of one of the individuals gliding elegantly across the clearing, a welcome year tick!

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