Monday, 12 March 2012

No Aurora but plenty of Tawnys (8th March)

My dad and I went down Barnes Lane on Thursday were we hoped to see the distant spectacle of an aurora.  Apparently, there has been a recent and considerably large solar flare which is only now reaching the earths atmosphere and is responsible for creating this stunning spectacle at a lower latitude than usual.  Unfortunately, we were fruitless in our search for the aurora as there was considerable cloud cover in the north (were they are reported to occur).  However, we were both treated to 2-5 calling Tawny Owls (including 1-2, and 1-3♂) around Scatterdells Wood area, Rucklers Lane and one even calling from a tree along Barnes Lane.  No Little Owls were at the usual location outside the hamlet along the line of poplar trees, however the visibility was poor so confirming its absence was not possible.

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