Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Garden Birding (16th August)

Stayed at home yesterday which allowed me to recover from some late nights out and previous days birding.  Large numbers of commoner tits, including, Long-tailed/ Blue/ Great and Coal where all swarming around the peanut feeder in the back garden yew tree.  I also observed 2 Coal Tits becoming fiercely territorial over the sunflower seed feeder in the front garden and performing the warning signal (showing their obvious throat markings and swaying their head gradually from side to side) often characteristical of a Robin.  A Nuthatch was a surprise visit to the peanut feeder as was a Blackcap in the same tree.  Later in the day I also saw 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker in the tall dead tree in our back garden and 2 Swifts (probably my last for the year).

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