Friday, 12 August 2011

Eveneing walk along Barnes Lane (11th August)

My dad, brother and I decided on an evening walk with Theo (the dog) along Barnes Lane.  As usual I brought my bins just in case I could find anything despite the fast decreasing visibility.  The first bird to reach our ears was a calling Tawny Owl, in the front garden of one of the houses were Barnes Lane joins Love Lane.  Almost from the beginning of Barnes Lane we were greeted with occasional flyover bats chattering just meters above our heads.  I decided to walk a little ahead to check the branch on which I have twice encountered Little Owls.  Nothing was there so I allowed the others to catch up when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed a grey flash fly up from the ground onto the horizontal perch.  To my surprise it turned out to be a Little Owl, the only visible part was a grey outline of its head chest and belly, it didn't stay long either as it soon flew down through the aisle of poplar trees.  In the same field we also had an excellent view of a Red Fox skulking through the grass oblivious to our presence.

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