Thursday, 15 August 2013

Raven makes it to the patch list! (15th August)

My first day back in Kings Langley after a great holiday abroad with my family in Germany.  Ephraim and I decided on a little patch effort and despite the rain we still made an effort to walk to Scatterdells Wood.  Nothing of note (as usual) until we arrived at the other side of the wood and did a short circuit around the Balls Pond Farm area.  The short excursion soon paid off when I caught sight of a large dark Buzzard-sized bird circle low over Scatterdells Wood heading gradually towards us.  I managed to bring Ephraim to his senses by calling RAVEN!  Sure enough it approached closer flew low over the road and the field we were stood in before continuing south.  The bill was held partially open (despite not calling), a habit I've noticed recently on other Ravens.

patch Raven with dramatic grey clouds for a backdrop

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