Sunday, 18 August 2013

Clouds and Clouded (17th August)

I'd been working outside all day so only came in to check RBA later in the afternoon.  I was startled to say the least when I came across a report of 5 Clouded Yellows only a couple hundred meters down the lane!!!  I called Ephraim and together rushed out to check, we barely even gave the female Wheatear a second glance that Ephraim found on the KL School playing field.  Unfortunately, the dense cloud cover put off any Clouded Yellows from showing.  We eventually gave up and headed back but half way home there was a gap in the clouds and there was a brief spell of sunshine.  A quick rush back and I caught a short glimpse of a single CLOUDED YELLOW in flight before it landed near the middle of the meadow affording brilliant close up views as it rested in the grass.  Another first for me on the patch!!!

patch Clouded Yellow!

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