Monday, 19 August 2013

Back to the Patch (19th August)

I couldn't resist another sneak peak at the Clouded Yellows that are now showing so regularly just down the lane!  I dragged Ephraim and Theo along with me (the former a little more reluctantly!)  A full scan over the KL playing field produced nothing of note but compensation when we were once again surrounded with Clouded Yellows!  Only a fraction of what was on the wing compared to this mornings report but stunning butterflies none the less.  The rest were most probably resting in the meadow as it was still fairly cool and occasionally cloudy.  3 PURPLE HAIRSTREAKS flitting about at the top of the oak/beech trees bordering the field were great to see as they represented the first I had seen in Britain, not to mention yet another patch tick!

Purple Hairstreak

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